This morning, Harmonix announced that is being acquired by Epic Games. This was first reported by GamesBeat and then later confirmed by Harmonix who put out an official statement on its own blog.

Epic Games Acquires Harmonix To Help Craft Musical Experiences In Fortnite

This acquisition is not surprising as Epic continues to look at expanding the Metaverse, and live music is a huge part of that. 

Harmonix offers an excellent team of developers who know all about licensing music and creating rhythm games inside of a virtual space.

On the Harmonix blog, the company states that “Our team will work with Epic to create musical journeys and gameplay for Fortnite.”

Harmonix also talks about how it will continue to support titles like FUSER and Rockband with DLC, this acquisition will not affect its support for older titles. It will also not stop its titles from coming to Steam and consoles. 

You can read the official statement from Harmonix below.

“Over the last 26 years we have pushed ourselves to redefine how people experience and interact with music. From the earliest days of The Axe to Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central, our VR titles, FUSER, and everything in between, we have aspired to redefine what a music game can be. Now, we’ll be working with Epic to once again challenge expectations as we bring our unique brand of musical gaming experiences to the Metaverse, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

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